hedgehog wheels

Hedgehog Wheels

Not everyone know this, but an exercise wheel is a necessity for a hedgehog. Really! Without regular  exercise your hedgehog will have a tendency to gain too much weight and become generally inactive.This is not good for your hedgehog’s health at all!

When shopping for hedgehog wheels keep in mind that you will want something on the larger end of the wheel spectrum. Also make sure you never buy a wire wheel. Just like wire cage floors, these can really damage your hedgehog’s feet and lead to serious health problems (and expensive vet bills!)

There are primarily two excellent wheel choices  – a homemade wheel made out of 5-10 gallon buckets or cake covers (you do not have to make this yourself – many breeders and rescues offer them for sale), or a couple models made by either Ware or Superpet. Just remember – do not get a wire wheel. Just like wire cage bottoms – these are not safe for your small pet as their legs can easily slip through.

Here is an example of a specialty hedgehog cake walk wheel:


The best retail wheels (always buy the largest size – 12in diameter):

Silent Spinner (Superpet) – Good but some people have noticed it is a little noisy. Attach to the side of the cage using zip ties otherwise there is the possibility it can tip over.

Comfort Wheel (Superpet) - Same notes as above.

Flying Saucer Wheel (Ware) – Quiet and easy to clean. You want the largest size. Flying Saucer Wheels also have the tendency to tip over when used by larger sized hedgehogs. Be sure to secure.

Hedgehog Wheels – Cleaning

Exercise wheels are likely to need regular cleaning as needed. Many people find they need to clean anywhere from every couple days to once per day.

If you want to prevent squeaky exercise wheels and extend the lifespan of this useful supply, then it’s a good idea to lubricate the ball bearings every few weeks. All you need is some vegetable oil or some Vaseline and a hair drier. Apply the lubrication to the bearing, then heat gently with a hair dryer and spin the wheel slowly at the same time. This will help the lubrication to get into every crevice.